Sergio Grossi is a young DJ / Los Angeles Producer. Sergio has always had a fascination with music and asked his parents for piano lessons when he was just 6 years old. He was born in Buffalo, NY and lived there until he moved to Greenville, NC when he was 13. Sergio is the youngest of 4 brothers. When he was 15, he taught himself guitar and bass, which lead to a fascination with rock music. At 16, he began mixing and scratching vinyl. At 17, Sergio taught himself to play the drums, and at 18, he started to produce original tunes. When Sergio graduated high school in North Carolina, he moved to LA to attend the Los Angeles Recording School. At the time, Sergio had the intentions of becoming an audio engineer in Los Angeles. But while in school, he realized that his true passion was creating amazing original music. It was when he moved to California that he realized his true love was electronic music. Although his tastes are constantly changing, you can hear that "Sergio" sound in every one of his songs. Sergio has always had an appreciation for musicians and bands that mix styles together for originality such as: The Doors, Sublime, Beastie Boys, and Rage Against the Machine. "If you take from just one person, it's stealing. But take from everyone, and it's research." - Carlos Santana. Sergio uses this philosophy to take all the awesome qualities of the music he enjoys, and implement it in his own way. His goal is to bring crowds of people together, and achieve unity regardless of genre or any other interest.